Hansal Mehta All Set To Direct Sanjay Gandhi’s Biopic


Hansal-mehta-Sanjay-GandhiDirector of the critically acclaimed ‘Shahid’ and ‘CityLights’ Hansal Mehta is all set to make a film based on Vinod Mehta’s book The Sanjay Story: From Anand Bhavan to Amethi.

The book talks about the journey of Sanjay Gandhi, son of Indira Gandhi. Although, he had a short life but his story is worth knowing. He died in a plane crash.
Now, Hansal Mehta is the captain of the ship. It will be exciting to see how he uses his excellent skills in the movie. This movie will definitely unfold some bitter truths about the political conditions between 1946-1980 and also the actions of Sanjay during the Emergency period. The book had published in 1978. But, the movie will increase the reach of the famous book and people will be informed about the realities of politics.

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“Vinod Mehta’s book is remarkable as it is engaging, rarely judgmental and based on solid research on Sanjay Gandhi. His life and death have always been shrouded in mystery as has been his relationship with India’s own Iron lady and his mother, Indira Gandhi. I feel both challenged and privileged to be making this important film,” Hansal Mehta said in a statement.

The movie will come out next year only after when Hansal gets done with the shooting of his film Simran wih Kangana Ranaut. Hansal had directed ‘Shahid’, a biography on the life of a lawyer and human rights activist Shahid Azmi who was assassinated in Mumbai in 2010.

The movie bagged four awards. Hansal was awarded as the best director. CityLights on the other hand, talked about a layman. He directed the movie beautifully. His direction was appreciated by many critics. Hansal’s Aligarh is expected to release this year which stars Rajkummar Rao and Manoj Bajpayee. Who can be a better choice to direct Sanjay Gandhi’s biopic?