HAPPY GOKULASHTAMI! Shah Rukh Khan To Join In Dahi Handi Celebrations!



MUMBAI: They say the Janmashtami celebrations at Jambori Maidan, in Worli, is the largest dahi handi celebrations in the city. And this year, it is all set to get even bigger, with the presence of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan!

Organised by Sachin and Sangeeta Ahir, the event ‘Worli Chi Dahi Handi’ has a surprise guest this year, in the form of none other than Shah Rukh Khan.

With palpable excitement, the organiser Sangeeta said: “We’ve had many celebrities attending our dahi handi in the past, but this time we wanted the ultimate Bollywood Badshah. We were a bit apprehensive while approaching him, but were surprised when he agreed instantly. He knew all about our dahi handi and also about the humongous presence of aam janta that will be there.”

Not only that, SRK was also quite keen to attend the event as he had reportedly heard all about it. “In fact, he told us that he has been curious to see some of the Govindas and that he keeps hearing about our event or watching it on TV.”

All eyes seem to be trained on SRK, to see whether he will break the traditional dahi handi in his trademark style. Sangeeta added: “He said, ‘leave it to me’. I think he will break the handi, but it is a surprise as of now. He will also be on stage for an hour at least.”

The event planners are gearing up to welcome him in full-blown Maharashtrian style by blowing a tutari.

“We will also try and make him wear a pheta (turban) and give him a sword,” she added.