Harshvardhan Kapoor Turned A Cowboy For Mirzya!!!


[tps_footer]Actor Harshvardhan Kapoor who is all set to make his silver screen debut with Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s Mirzya had lived in a ranch in the outskirts of Seattle in United States of America.

Harshvardhan had stayed along with 30 horses for one and half months in the ranch, where he was trained under best trainers for horse riding.

Harshvardhan had to prep up for his character in Mirzya for which he had to master Horse riding, for which he sequestered himself from his lifestyle and lived in a ranch instead, because he had promised his mentor Rakeysh Mehra that only after mastering horse riding he will return from USA.


Rakeysh Mehra had given a list of 20 things he wanted Harshvardhan to attain before he could come back, things like getting off from a moving horse despite being in motion and velocity.

Rakeysh Mehra also wanted that Horse riding to appear innate in Harsh as it was paramount to his character in the movie

The actor had a really tough time in the ranch as he was living among 30 horses and taking care of them was his duty there.

This was not enough for the debutant, he had to clean horse shit daily for 2 hours then only he could have his breakfast. It was a very tough for him to live in ranch but he had the perseverance & he did it.

As a resident of the Ranch he had to follow their rules and regulations. After having breakfast, Harshvardhan’s master riding sessions would commence for the day, which would last for 7- 8 long hours.


Harshvardhan has got himself trained in various techniques for horse riding while he was in USA. Harsh has also done horse riding in scorching heat, heavy rains, & extreme wild to learn horse riding to the core.

Harshvardhan had learned horse riding along with archery here in Mumbai before going to USA; he took 6 months only to start galloping properly on the horse as he was new to the art of horse riding.

Eventually he had become a professional rider by then, who could not only ride in speed but also do archery simultaneously.

But it seems, neither Harshvardhan nor was the director satisfied with it. So Harshvardhan was sent to USA to learn Master horse riding by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra.
We can deduce that Harshvardhan has given his blood and sweat for Mirzya. He has really buckled down for his debut![/tps_footer]

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