OMG! Colors Tv Using Kapil Sharma’s Old Shows For Channel TRP




The tiff between Colors channels and Kapil Sharma made headlines a few months ago. The show Comedy Nights With Kapil was a major hit on the channel. In fact, many Bollywood celebrities had come to this show as guests when the show was on the air.

Kapil and Colors parted ways when due to the clash of opinions. The feud between Raj Nayak and Kapil is known to all. Due to this, the last episode of the comedy show was also not shown on the TV. Well, what came shocking to us is the channel showing some of the old episodes of Kapil’s show recently. Apparently, they showed the PRDP episode on their channel. Well, what could be the reason for the channel to show his episodes even after a major tiff? Are they losing on TRPs? Is the channel patching up with Colors?

Well, the show got replaced by Comedy Nights Live. Also, another comedy shows Comedy Nights Bachao is run by the channel. Reportedly, many celebs boycotted this show as they didn’t like the roasting done by the comedians in the show. So, is the channel struggling to get TRP by showing Kapil’s CNWK episodes? Are these two show not able to gain the equal number of TRPs that Kapil’s show gave? Or it was just a technical glitch the channel team did and telecast an episode from Kapil’s show.

Kapil Sharma is enjoying the success of his new show The Kapil Sharma Show on Sony TV. Many huge celebrities visited that show to promote their films. In fact, some actors boycotted the shows from Colors and made a visit to his show. Well, have things cleared between Kapil and Colors or they showed the episode just to gain TRPs is a huge question mark. What do you think?