Here’s How Kareena Kapoor Khan Responded On Aamir Khan’s Intolerance Remark

Aamir-&-Kareena[tps_footer]Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan, who is currently promoting her upcoming film Ki and Ka, voiced her opinion on the burning intolerance debate. Many Bollywood celebrities got into troubleand were left unrest for raising their opinions on the same, but Kareena things that she does not need to be vociferous to show how involved she is in current affairs.


While the intolerance debate is still gripping, in an interview, Kareena was asked if she is aware about how Aamir Khan landed into trouble for voicing his opinion. “Everybody today gets fried for voicing their opinions. So, is it really important? I don’t know. Contrary to what people think, I don’t live in a bubble. Everybody makes fun of my space cadet behaviour, but I am extremely aware of what’s going on around me. My morning newspapers are nothing to do with gossip at all, but in fact, I read up on the latest news happening in India and the world. Over the last two years, I wait to sit with my chai and read up on current affairs,” Kareena replied.


Kareena added saying, “I may not voice my opinion in public because I don’t need to be vociferous to show how involved I am in current affairs or reading the newspapers. But if somebody asks me, of course, I will have an opinion. But I have not been asked and secondly, I am not on Twitter, so I don’t get up in the morning and tweet my opinions.”

When asked if she agrees on what Aamir Khan said, Kareena responded saying, “I don’t think Aamir said anything wrong. He just addressed a fear. It was a conversation that he was talking to his wife about. I don’t think he meant anything damaging by it. Of course, 500,000 opinions followed and as many clarifications were issued. There will always be anger and unrest as opinions are expressed. India is made up of highly emotional people.”

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