Here’s Why Ranveer Singh Is A King Of Style


Be stunned, shocked, awed or impressed- Ranveer Singh is a clotheshorse like none other in India. The superstar, who wooed audiences with a stellar performance in Befikre recently,has been sporting quirky, off beat street wear styles off late- sometimes at the cost of becoming the butt of online jokes.

In a recent interview with India’s premiere business magazine Forbes, Ranveer revealed his current favorite designer brand, Hungarian label Demobaza. “ I researched him for many months and found him online. These are the most difficult clothes to find and I am wearing it from head to toe. I am obsessed with it now. I am in a phase where I only want to wear Demobaza…. It’s like something post- apocalyptic, as if the world has come to an end and these are the only clothes left. I look like I am from The Hunger Games.

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Always the one to set trends and walk his own path when it comes to fashion choices, Ranveer’s next anticipated look is that of the villainous conquerer Alauddin Khilji in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati. Sporting a spiffy beard for this negative character, Ranveer’s kohl lined eyes had taken social media by storm, building excitement for his actual look. A director’s darling for his sheer dedication, immaculate research and focus on a role, Sanjay Bhansali elaborated on his working equation with Ranveer as, “ I find in him a certain understanding of my slightly abstract and slightly zonal performances, which are a little stylised; sometimes over-the-top, sometimes very measured. He understands all that, then translates it beautifully, and he works very hard. In him I have found a friend and a great actor.

With high praise from a legendary taskmaster of cinema, Ranveer’s turn as Khilji promises to make for unique viewing. As for trolling and all that jazz, Ranveer remains focused on following his heart when it comes to style- making him the king of swag in Indian cinema today.