Here’s The Real Reason Kareena Kapoor Khan & Arjun Kapoor Kissed in Ki & Ka

Kareena-Kapoor[tps_footer]Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s newest flick ‘Ki & Ka’ is based on the topic of gender equality and is an eye opener for sure. The role reversal has not only surprised but also shocked many. The story has a very unusual twist in the signature R. Balki style.

The team of Eros International & director R.Balki’Ki & Ka organized a special luncheon with the filmmaker and Kareena Kapoor Khan, hosted by none other than the “man of the house” – Arjun Kapoor!


The event saw both the quirky actors and now co-stars laughing their heart out and getting very candid. The actress landed in Mumbai just in time to attend the Women’s Day special luncheon and looked splendid in a white shirt and skirt paired with a killer pair of heels.

From interacting with the ladies at the event, to personally serving them a few lip smacking special kebabs, Arjun played the perfect host and spoke to them at length on their definition of a “Ideal Munda”. The team later launched and screened the song titled ‘Most Wanted Munda’ from the highly anticipated movie.


Amidst all this when Kareena was asked if she thinks that people especially men will start sharing the load of household work after being inspired by their film, she said, “Let me say that I am quite sure that after this movie everyone will want a cook or maid, somebody to pay their bills. To do everything just the way Arjun Kapoor does. Not because he is very good at his job but because he is a very sexy looking hunk yaar.”

No wonder you get so many kisses from me in this movie,” she further added.”

Well, looks like looking good while keeping the house clean can get you a lot more than just a simple ‘thank you’.[/tps_footer]