Hilarious! Look Who Is Over Protective About Alia Bhatt On Twitter


Alia-Bhatt-coverAs we all know Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has a huge fan following  but little did anyone know that there is someone crazy behind the actress more than anyone. Well, if it’s not Shah Rukh Khan, Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan, than who?

Alia Bhatt has many fans who keep appreciating her work every now and then on micro blogging site twitter. But among those million fans, there is someone who will surely make you all laugh. Yes, meet Alia Bhatt’s die hard fan BP Chaube. Well, Chaube might just be Alia Bhatt‘s most loyal fan on Twitter but his hilarious tweets for Alia has caught our attention. Since past few months, he has been expressing his love for the bubbly actress and we suggest you to stay till his last tweet.

Well, he has hopes that Alia will talk to him someday. Like really?


Something ‘Shaandaar’, that’s all we understood about his this tweet!


Ok, Alia has special Good morning messages too. LOL.


We somehow controlled out laughter! He wants Alia Bhatt to be Alia Bhatt Chaube?


We guess he needs a treatment!


Wow! Editor too?  He has some CORREXON and not correction.


OMG! He has insecurity too for Alia Bhatt and we love his guts!


We didn’t know internet packs are so expensive that he had to actually spend millions to activate his 1 GB internet for Alia. It seems, just humour!


You can’t deny that his love isn’t true.


They even party together and that’s how they roll!


Heights of understanding!


OMG! He is so protective about her!