Hit And Run Case: Salman Khan’s Driver Reveals Why He Confessed 12 Years After Accident

Salman-Khan-Hit-And-Run-Case-ajonA day after Salman Khan’s driver gave his statement that it was he driving the car and not the actor during 2002 accident, the defence said that it did not want to examine more witnesses.

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Judge D W Despande has asked both sides to keep their final arguments from tomorrow. The prosecution Pradeep Gharat, was asked to argue first and then Salman Khan’s defence lawyer Shrikant Shivade. The argument from the prosecution side will continue for almost a week.

The driver gave his statement on March 30, 2015, saying that it was he driving the car and not Salman Khan. He was asked why he is approaching the court after more than 12 years of accident. Reportedly he said Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan had advised him to tell the truth to the court. The driver had also denied that he was paid money to confess the truth.

The driver told the court that he was driving when the tyre burst and the brake jammed. He saw some people were trapped beneath. He got out of the car from the right side and Salman Khan too got out of the right side as the left door was jammed.

He also said that he tried to lift the Toyota car but could not do it. He than dialed 100 and went to the police station and narrated the accident.

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For the first time in 13 years Salman Khan gave his statement on 2002 hit and run case on March 27, 2015. The actor in his statement said that he wasn’t driving the car, which rammed over people, killing one person and injuring four. In fact the actor denied all the charges that he has been claimed with.

He also claimed that it was his driver who was driving the actor. He said that since his door was jammed, he had to get out of the car from the driver’s side.

Salman Khan’s car a Toyota Land Cruiser met with an accident in suburban Bandra on September 28, 2002, killing one person and injuring four.

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The actor has denied that he was on the wheel during the accident in 2002. If convicted, he could spend up to 10 years in prison.

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