Hrithik Roshan Gave A Bang On Answer For His Failed Marriage With Sussanne Khan


Hithik-ROshan-Tweet-[tps_footer]It came as a big shock when the divorce proceedings of Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan came in the news. Many people including the B-Town friends and well wishers of this couple couldn’t believe that they were separating and that this news was true and not a rumour. Just like now, the way Salman Khan is trying to save his brother Arbaaz Khan and sister in law Malaika Arora Khan‘s marriage, our Bhaijaan Salman had tried to bring Sussanne and Hrithik together as well. But nothing worked out for them other than separation.


We must say even after a divorce, both, Sussanne and Hrithik never spoke ill about each other and never blamed anyone else for their failed marriage. During this phase of separation, Sussane was linked to Arjun Rampal but they maintained a dignified silence throughout the sessions of speculations and focused on their respective lives. But people still can’t forget this cute ex-couple Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan and hence, someone had a question related to them.

A fan and follower on twitter recently asked Hrithik Roshan:

Your love story was too cute & ur innocence always added charm to it ! Sad it didn’t work out, but hope you still believe in love ?!”

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And Hrithik Roshan spontaneously replied to this by saying that,

How can I not ? I’m so full of it !

Looks like our Krissh won’t quit being in love and he still continues to have the feeling of love in the most positive way possible, even after facing a failed marriage. That’s the spirit Hrithik ! We have seen the ugly legal notices war between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan but never a word from him against Sussanne and she maintained the same for Hrithik and they both, still maintain a friendly relation with each other and with their families. They are successfully co-parenting their kids, keeping them happy and they never let their separation affect their kids badly. A big example for all the exes.[/tps_footer]