Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut Case Is A New Synonym To Cyber Stalking



[tps_footer]So finally this is the outcome of this much discussed case. It has become a euphemism for obsessive cyberstalking and harassment. Whether it’s fair or not on the people involved but media like Mumbai Mirror have started reporting like this. Very recently when Mumbai Mirror carried a piece on an intra-office stalking, they straight away referred it as a Hrithik Roshan- Kangana Ranaut case.

The article reads, “DO we call them growing pains, when new age dot coms, flush with funds, high on success, forget to put workplace protocols in place? The Viral Fever, makers of many hit web series, your diarist has heard, got themselves entangled in a Hrithik-Kangana style brouhaha late last December. One of their senior employees developed a fixation for advisor Vijay Nair of OML – the guru of Indian indie music and general cool guy. While Nair maintains the “criminal and stalkerish” emails came anonymously, our ears to the ground have tracked them back to the TVF office. Nair took the documentation to the Mumbai Police’s cyber cell, and the threat of police investigation served as a swift deterrent – the communication ceased immediately. TVF’s CEO Arunabh Kumar won’t comment but his legal team says no direct complaint was filed against them. Well, we already knew that, what we’re still waiting to find out is what they did about it.” [/tps_footer]


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