So You Think You Can Dance: Paula Abdul’s REACTION When A Contestant Vomitted On Her

[tps_footer]‘So You Think You Can Dance’ has truly ended up becoming a worldwide phenomenon and given rise to so many new talented people all across the globe. While the Indian version has the ever gorgeous Madhuri Dixit, talented Terrence Lewis and Bosco Martis, the original judges on the US version of the show include Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and most of all – Paula Abdul!


Some of the most amazing dance performances on the stage of the show have earned their performers hugs and even kisses from the judges. Well, something just like that happened on Monday night’s episode. The contestant was 12 year old Tehani who was positively amazing on the dance floor. After performing her routine set to Beyonce’sCountdown’, Tehani received a lot of appreciation and positive feedback from Nigel, Jason Derulo and Paula. After a little more chit chat, the judges all stood up and waved golden tickets in the air as a significant gesture to address that Tehani had made it on to the next round of the competition.


The 12 year old who was definitely overwhelmed fell to the floor in disbelief for a moment and then ran over to claim her ticket. She hugged all the judges, but when she hugged Abdul, a stream of vomit fell all over her. “It’s OK, honey. It’s OK,” was Abdul’s calm and composed reaction to the very smelly fiasco. Tehani was visibly upset and apologized multiple times to Abdul who shrugged it off “I’ve never had anyone just vomit on me like that!” Abdul added.

Tahani later confessed to the show’s leggy host Cat Deeley that Abdul hugged her too tight and “all the happiness came out on her jacket.”[/tps_footer]

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