Hrithik Roshan And Katrina Kaif’s New Bang Bang Poster Soars Temperature


Bang-Bang-New-2 [tps_footer]Bang Bang will be one thrilling action bonanza on October 2. The excitement for the film is anyway huge but the way the makers are releasing the songs and look; it might hsoot off the roof. Nobody can deny the way Hrithik is looking in the film. He is just too hot to handle and Katrina Kaif too beautiful to ignore. But the latest poster of the film shows off more than that.

It is essentially a romantic film and with these hot people in it, Bang Bang is already looking too good. In this new poster, there is beauty, brawn, challenges and excitement all roped into one. While Hrithik Roshan kept it clothed and sexy, Katrina with her pink under garment and backless little black dress is creating oomph to altogether new level.

We are happy that there is equal amount of Katrina and Hrithik in the poster. The last poster had it too but the following trailer and songs only gave much importance to Hrithik Roshan. The poor girl always gets sidelined in film. Remember her abysmal screen timing in Dhoom 3?

The girl got lot in all vroom vroom! Bang Bang is a remake of Knight And Day and so the lady has a meatier role in the film. We are hoping she will be seen more in this film too.

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