Hrithik Roshan Wants To Pair Up With Deepika Padukone


Deepika-Padukone-1[tps_footer]Hrithik Roshan is one good looking fellow. Those light eyes, earnest gaze and the deadly moves are enough to make anyone swoon over him. If girls love him for his hotness, guys hail him for his fitness regime and body. Hence, he mostly looks good with any heroine. But the one pairing that we are eagerly looking for is the one with Deepika Padukone. Two tall and hot actors romancing each other will be epitome of romance in Indian cinema. And it seems Hrithik too shares our views.

Recently, Finding Fanny’s special screening was held where Hrithik was invited among others. Deepika too was present at the do. Both watched the film and Hrithik’s response was unbelievable. He liked the actress so much in the film that he personally went up to her to congratulate her.

But the main highlight of that snap meeting was Hrithik’s interest in doing a film with her. They talked a lot about how they can work in a film and give audience a treat. Won’t we just love them together in a film? Of course we will.

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