Was Hrithik Roshan’s Dare A Disappointment To Shahid Kapoor?


Shahid-HrithikWhen Hrithik Roshan started daring anyone and everyone from Bollywood as part of his film Bang Bang!’s promotional campaign, it didn’t occur to anyone to as to why wasn’t he daring his competitor on October 2, Shahid Kapoor.

The latter’s film Haider also released today along with Bang Bang! In fact, Shahid himself requested Hrithik to dare him. Obviously, people were waiting with bated breath to know what it would be.

Finally, Hrithik chose the D-day to dare him and sadly, we aren’t enthused about it at all.

On this day when nation is celebrating Navratri, Durga Puja andGandhi Jayanti in same breath, Hrithik decided to let power of love take over love of power.

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He dared Shahid on twitter to watch Bang Bang! He wrote, “When d power of love wins over love of power! My #bangbangdare 2 @shahidkapoor n myself is…you will watch bb n I will watch haider 1st day.” Well, to be very honest, this cannot be counted as a dare.

We know for sure that in B-town every actor watches each other’s films. Some to mock at it and also point towards the many flaws, others do it out of curiosity and interest.

So we don’t understand why Hrithik felt it would be so daring. It seems even Shahid feels so. He responded by saying, “@iHrithik ye to asaan hai mere bhai was gonna see it tomorrow anyway … Wishing you huge success.” Do you hear a hint of disappointment? Guess even Ranveer Singh will agree here.

Was Hrithik trying to spread solidarity? Well then why call it a dare! Beats us!

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