Hrithik Roshan’s Reaction After Getting Trolled By Twitterati


hrithik-RoshanHrithik Roshan’s fail try at breaking the internet with his tweet asking if the dress is blue or white invited a lot of trolls all over the internet. On May 21, Hrithik Roshan tweeted a picture of a dress, asking whether the dress is white and gold or blue and black, which happens to be a very old topic of discussion. Well, we guess that Hrithik Roshan just slept through February and missed the moment when the dress was the trending topic all over the Internet.

After months, Hrithik finally woke up and stumbled upon a dress that one might see as white and gold, while other as blue and black and decided to share it with his fans. What more? He wants his followers to “ask around”.

Bang Bang actor’s this oopsie moment on Twitter resulted in a hilarious tweet follow-ups by the Twitteratis, making Hrithik a trending topic on the Internet. The trolls on Hrithik’s this late dress tweet are down right hilarious. Well, if only Hrithik had known that “The Dress” had been a very popular topic of debate all over the Internet soon after it went viral, he could have saved the damage. The debate settled down after the clothing retailer Roman Originals revealed the truth behind the dress by confirming that the dress is blue. Well it seems that along with the dress, Hrithik missed that one little news, too. As soon as the trolls on Hrithik started to come in, the actor realized his error but like a fun loving person that he is, Hrithik made another Tweet and tried to control the damage. He said that he is great at remembering faces and emotions but isn’t very good with dresses. Smart one, Hrithik!

Here are some trolls on Hrithik’s “The Dress” tweet which are downright hilarious. Take a look!