I Did ‘Aurangzeb’ So That I Could Take Revenge: Arjun Kapoor


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MUMBAI: Bollywood’s newest “angry young man” in films, the uber talented and extremely handsome Arjun Kapoor tells us why he did ‘Aurangzeb’.

In an exclusive interview with businessofcinema.com, Arjun Kapoor wittily admits that he did ‘Aurangzeb’ to settle the scores, because he was beaten up by everyone – his mother, his grandfather, his girlfriend- in his very first film ‘Ishaqzaade’.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

Q. After ‘Ishaqzaade’, this is your next big release. Was it a conscious decision to do another action-oriented film?
Arjun: You know, contrary to popular belief, I feel ‘Ishaqzaade’ was an intense love story, where I only get beaten up by people! (laughs) I mean, I get slapped by my mother, by my dada, my girlfriend! Everybody beats me in this film!

I did ‘Aurangzeb’ so that I could take revenge, you know, so I could beat people up this time around!

No, but seriously, it wasn’t a conscious decision as such. It so happened that they thought I’m suited to this kind of role. As a young guy, you crave for action and not too many young men can pull off action, so if they thought I was capable, I went with the flow.

Q. Tell us about your double role in ‘Aurangzeb’. How was it playing these two diametrically opposite characters this early on in your career?
Arjun: It’s a challenge which excites me. The roles excited me, so I jumped into it. I was offered the film (Aurangzeb) before ‘Ishaqzaade’ released so it gave me confidence that Aditya Chopra thought I could do it. It’s a challenge as an actor to play good characters, great characters, so that makes me happy.

Q. When will we see you in an out-and-out romantic film?
Arjun: Romcom, yeah I am. I’m doing ‘2 States’, the Chetan Bhagat novel, which is being co-produced by Karan Johar and Sajid Nadiadwala, opposite Alia Bhatt.

Directed by Atul Sabharwal, YRF’s ‘Aurangzeb’ features Arjun Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Prithviraj, Jackie Shroff and introduces Sasheh Agha. The film will hit screens 17 May 2013.