I May Join Politics Later In Life: Preity Zinta


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NEW DELHI: Bollywood Actress Preity Zinta who was seen in New Delhi on Wednesday receiving the ‘Young Woman’s Achiever’s Award was heard saying that she is ashamed of the ‘Netas’ of our country.

The 38 year old actress said: “People like me and other would want to join Politics for no other reason but to be proud of our country. I feel ashamed when I see MPs behaving the way they do in Parliament.”

The actress said that she is so embarrassed by the MPs in our country that she might just join politics herself. But she doesn’t plan on doing that any time soon: I may join Politics at a later stage in my life. Not because I want Power but only because I want to make a difference in this country.”

Being an Army kid, Preity also thinks that India is in desperate need of good leadership: “This is the time we need good leadership. I think the only time we saw it was during Independence. I don’t want to point fingers because it’s very easy to speak form the other side, but there are a lot of women in politics and yet there are so many issues women have to face.”

As far as cricket is concerned the actress and co-owner of of the T20 team Kings IX Punjab misses her team of the first edition of the tournament because She believes that the first times in life are the most impactful: “I’d be lying I’d I say I don’t miss my team from the first edition. Purely because the first time anything ever happens in your life it is always the most impactful.”

Preity revealed that she shares a platonic friendship with Yuvraj Singh: “Yuvraj was my first player, he is like a, I don’t like to say younger brother because I don’t need to define a platonic friendship. He’s somebody I love very dearly.” Sae said fondly.

However the stress seems much less worried about her upcoming film ‘Ishkq In Paris’ which, if reports are to be believed, is having trouble finding distributors. But the actress says: “we’re going about it the way we want and not caring how it’s being written about. We’ll be announcing the film’s release date soon.”

‘Ishkq In Paris’ is a romantic film co-written and directed by Prem Raj. It is co-written, co-produced and acted in by Preity Zinta. The film stars Rhehan Malliek and Isabelle Adjani in the lead along with Preity Zinta. Preity says the film would be released only when director Prem Raj, who is seriously ill with cancer, is able to complete all the post-production work.