I Want To Be Known As Kajol, Rani Mukerji Are Known: Parineeti Chopra

Says Parineeti Chopra mysteriously,
Says Parineeti Chopra mysteriously, "I want to be acknowledged in quieter spaces. I want to be known as my favourite actresses Kajol and Rani Mukerji are known."

MUMBAI: Maneesh Sharma’s film that Parineeti Chopra is currently shooting with Sushant Singh Rajput gives her a chance to get away from her extroverted image in public and on screen.

Apparently, Parineeti plays a very quiet character in Sharma’s film.

Says the actress mysteriously, “When the audience sees me in Maneesh’s film it won’t recognize me as the talkative extrovert I played in my first two films. It cuts away my boisterous bubbly image. I’m not averse to playing extroverted characters. But I want to be  acknowledged in quieter spaces. I want to be known as my favourite actresses Kajol and Rani Mukerji are known. When they do a film the director knows the character is in safe hands. I want filmmakers to feel the same certainty about me. I’ve a very limited attention span. I’ll get bored if I don’t do something new in each film.”

And to think we owe Parineeti’s presence in Bollywood to the economic recession in London!

Chuckles the ebullient actress, “Yeah, that’s what Arjun Kapoor says. I was a banker in London. I happened to come to India for six months because I wasn’t getting a job in London. While in Mumbai I didn’t want to waste time so I took on the job at Yashraj. And that job landed me my first acting role. I was very lucky to get the kind of launch Yashraj gave me in ‘Ladies Vs Rickie Bahl’. I was one of the five principal characters in the film and yet I held my own. I know I’m blessed and I’ve a responsibility to keep my career moving forward. I enjoy the accolades. I confess if I didn’t get recognized on the streets I’d be depressed.”

She waited for the right roles after her first two films. Now she’s doing Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ with Sidharth Malhotra.

Says Parineeti Chopra, “The good roles have come to me now, and I’ve signed all of them. Acting is not my be-all-end-all.I won’t die if I can’t act anymore. If tomorrow the audience gets bored of watching me or I get bored of acting I’ve my college degree to fall back on. I hope I never have to do anything else. At the moment I love acting tooooo much. I am not saying the best roles on offer in Bollywood are coming to me. But I want to do the best from the ones being offered to me. I want homework to do on my roles when I come back home after shooting.”

Interestingly the boisterous actress is quite a home-bird in real life. Parineeti says she stays alone in Mumbai. “My family lives in Ambala.I love traveling. So whenever I’ve a few days off from shooting you’ll see me at the airport. Normally I am at my home in Mumbai.I love watching television while eating.I am an incorrigible foodie, like my cousin Priyanka. Actually I am quite boring. I don’t go out much.”