IIFA 2014: Anupam Kher’s Short Film To Premiere At IIFA Awards


anupam kher mainAnupam Kher‘s short film I Went Shopping For Robert De Niro will be premiered at the International Indian Film Academy Awards in Florida, US.

Titled I Went Shopping For Robert De Niro, the film will have a world premiere on the second day of the IIFA Awards to be held at Tampa Bay from April 23, 2014 to April 26, 2104.

“Having the World Premiere at IIFA showcases in essence the spirit of the short film, where a group of Indian artists pay tribute to the American legend, as India celebrates the centenary of Indian Cinema this year,” stated Apupam Kher, who is sharing his craft through the acting workshop at the awards.

Post the screening of I Went Shopping For Robert De Niro, an acting workshop is scheduled for students of the University of South Florida by Anupam Kher on April 24, 2014.

Anupam Kher has paid tribute to the iconic Hollywood actor and co-star from the film Silver Linings Playbook, through I Went Shopping For Robert De Niro.

“The film has had an exciting journey which came full circle for us on November 10, 2013, when Robert De Niro visited our acting school. I had invited prominent actors, directors from the Indian film industry to meet him. Some of our biggest stars sat around him and he answered questions about his work, scripts, co-actors, films, associations with filmmakers, etc.,” informed Anupam Kher.

Robert De Niro had even visited Anupam’s acting school, Actor Prepares, in Mumbai and interacted with actors, directors, students and teachers about his work, characters, scripts, co-actors, his film and his associations with filmmakers, etc.

Anupam Kher is excited about sharing his knowledge of acting during The IIFA 2014. The workshop will throw light on various topics on Indian Cinema and will provide guidance to those seeking a professional career within the acting fraternity.

The workshop aims at helping acting enthusiasts decipher the craft of performance and dramatics while tapping the potential of budding actors.