Imtiaz Ali Helps Preity Take Paris To Prague

Preity Zinta's Ishkq In Paris
Preity Zinta’s Ishkq In Paris

Who says filmmakers work in isolation and don’t have the inclination to help their colleagues? Producer Preity Zinta has now got a big hand of support from Imtiaz ali when her film needed additional location to complete her shooting.

Thanks to Imtiaz’s timely intervention Zinta’s crew leaves on Tuesday night for Prague to complete the shooting.

Preity Zinta’s love story Ishkq In Paris needs some shooting outside Paris. We learn that the film is complete and has even been screened for selected preview audiences. But a portion of the climax remains incomplete. And the film’s makers would need to recreate Paris in Prague since shooting in Paris is impossible.

This is where Imtiaz Ali who shot his last film Rockstar extensively in Prague, came to Preity and her director Prem Raj’s rescue.

Says a source close to the project, “Imtiaz and his team know every bit of Prague. They helped Prem Raj find the exact location that would match with the unfinished shooting of the climax in Paris. The location that Imtiaz’s team found for Preity is so similar that there would be not a moment of loss in continuity from Paris to Prague.”

Director Prem Raj who was in a tearing hurry to wind up loose ends in Mumbai before heading for Prague on Tuesday said, “Yes, there is a portion of the climax that we couldn’t shoot in Paris because we couldn’t get the required permission. We tried hard, but in vain. So the film is complete except for one portion. We knew the topography in Prague was similar to France. And since Imtiaz Ali had shot Rockstar in Prague we got Imtiaz’s team to help us find exactly the location we needed.I think we can shoot in Prague now without anyone guess where Paris ends and Prague begins.”

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