Indo-American film The Spectacular Jihad Of Taz Rahim Is All Set To Release


JihadIndie films have lately been most trending genre of films in India, reason being its rawness and originality.

Joining this band wagon is the upcoming unconventional Indo-American film, The Spectacular Jihad Of Taz Rahim by Raghav Murali.

This is an English and Hindi language Bollywood Crime Dramedy which is set to release in India on the 26th of June 2015. This flick stars the widely known actors Monica Dogra, Rahsaan Islam and Kal Parekh.

Based on a Yo Yo Singh wannabe rapper who is blackmailed to become an undercover agent by the NYPD, Monica plays Sabrina- a news anchor, while Rahsaan is Taz the wanna be rapper.

Filmed mainly in New York, this fictional story is inspired by real events but takes a light hearted approach in order to start a discussion on the serious implications.