Interview: Rysa Saujani On Playing Huma Qureshi’s Younger Role In Dobara

Rysa Saujani

Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem starrer Dobaara: See You Evil is all set to hit the theatres on June 2, this year. While the real life siblings Huma and Saqib, are playing siblings even in the film, do you all know who is the cute little girl playing the younger version of Huma?

She is Rysa Saujani, a young talented actress, model, dancer and singer from London.

The mentioned movie is an official adaptation of Hollywood movie ‘Oculus’. In an interview with Business Of Cinema, Rysa talks about how she was roped in for the role and how was her experience playing it.

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How did you get the film Dobaara?
I was selected to audition for the part of young Natasaha, my agent had sent me the script for the a section of the film, which I prepared myself for. Then I went for the audition and acted the scene for the casting director. A few days after we had received an email informing me that I had got the part.
What preparation did you do for the role?
I actually didn’t wanna copy the original role from the film oculus as i wanted it to be as natural as possible. After reading the entire script and understanding the role I had to portray, I realised how challenging it would be as there were so many elements to the character and a lot of different emotions to play. I had to put myself in the characters place for it to be as natural and realistic as possible.
You are playing young Huma Qureshi, did you study her/how challenging was the preparation?
I did not study huma Qureshi as such but I did study her character as it was the older version of the role I was playing.
What kind of roles are you getting now, would you prefer Hollywood or Bollywood?
Right now I’m getting a mixture of different types of auditions. With which I prefer, I couldn’t say as it depends on the role/part rather than it being Hollywood or Bollywood.
Would you pursue theatre or mainstream industry? 
I would love to do both if I was given the opportunity but they are both very different, for example I’ve been doing theatre from a young age and have been in a lot of different types of productions. Also being given the opportunity to attend Sylvia young theatre school has given me a very good understand of how to undertake certain roles. I also really enjoy doing mainstream cinema as it is a very different yet an enjoyable style of acting. In mainstream you have to be a lot more precise with your emotions as you are able to see every little detail and it is a lot of fun to try to portray the character given in as much detail as possible.

You are doing ads, theatre, film what next? 
I would be delighted to play as many different kind or roles. I have always enjoyed modelling and have done several photoshoots as well as wining the face of the globe. In the future I would like to pursue many more challenging roles as well as finishing my education.

How was it like working with Huma Qureshi?
Working with Huma Qureshi was a great experience as she was such a lovely person. I would also like to thank Adil hussain, Lisa Ray and Saqib Saleem for being so supportive and friendly.

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