Irrfan Khan Asks An Important Question On Sonu Nigam’s Azaan Controversy!

Irrfan Khan Sonu Nigam

Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan raises a valid question on Sonu Nigam’s azaan controversy.

We all know Sonu Nigam’s tweets on waking up to the azaan call created a huge controversy. The singer tweeted about waking up to the azaan call despite not being a Muslim and also termed it as “forced religiousness.” However, Sonu Nigam later clarified that his tweets were about the loudspeakers and not about any religion. Following the controversy, Sonu Nigam has also shaved his head after the fatwa was issued against him by the Kolkata-based cleric, Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi.

Well, the industry stands divided on the same. Recently, Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan who is busy promoting his upcoming film Hindi Medium was asked to comment on Sonu Nigam’s controversy.

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During an interview, Irrfan Khan replied saying, “The loudspeaker matter is a big one. We will have to first think that are we, as a society, really so sensitive when it comes to sound? Are we sensitive about sound in other places? When there is a noisy discotheque near a hospital, do we talk about it then? If somebody has a problem with something then we should tackle all other problems related to the whole matter.”

The actor also raised a very important question and said, “In other countries there are certain restrictions when it comes to car horns, this is because people are very sensitive to sound or noise of any kind. First of all, we will have to figure out what is the actual factor that is causing a certain person so much stress related to the sound of a loudspeaker. And, then also figure out if they have a problem with loudspeakers used for azaan or elsewhere too.”

Irrfan has come up with very critical points. What do you have to say about Irrfan Khan’s reaction to the azaan controversy? Share your views in the comments section below.

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