Actress Jiah Khan’s Missing Dupatta Found After 3 Years, Raises Questions!


It seems as if the case of bollywood Actress Jiah Khan, who allegedly committed suicide in 2013 had refused to solve even after more than three years of the incident had passed. And now the case has taken a new twist as the actress’ missing dupatta has finally been found at the Forensic Science Laboratory, Kalina.

According to Mid-Day reports, there are a lot of questions that arise as to why the dupatta has only just appeared for examination. As per the reports, the Central Bureau of Investigation never collected the item from the lab in the first place. It was only after this question was raised by Khan’s mother Rabia, the crucial evidence was collected.

Kalpana Gadekar, Senior Inspector, BKC police station reportedly explained, “Usually, we do not submit the exhibits received from the crime scene until the trial begins, and in the Jiah Khan case, the trial had been stayed by the Bombay High Court, so there was no reason for us to submit the exhibits.”

However, Swapnil Ambure Jiah’s lawyer was quoted as saying,“Our contention is that the CBI did not submit the dupatta for examination to the expert committee at Chandigarh and therefore the committee could not come to a conclusion without examining it.”

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The CBI said,  “We had been writing to the FSL, Kalina, asking them to submit all the exhibits, including the dupatta, but they never responded to us.”

But the lawer questioned saying, “If the CBI had written letters to the FSL, Kalina, why did they not inform the court about it? Also, how could the CBI submit a charge sheet in the case without the dupatta being examined?”

He added, “The Chandigarh team could not come to a conclusion without examining the dupatta and other materials. How then could the CBI claim to have to completed its probe?

A scientist from the Forensic Science Laboratory, Kalina, said, “Usually, we hand over all the exhibits that the police collect from the crime scene once we are done with our analysis.” The scientist explained, that from the dupatta, bloodstains can be matched as can hair, if stuck to the dupatta. At times, the threads of the dupatta get stuck to the ligature marks around the neck and can be sent for forensic analysis.

Now we have to wait and watch what next turn this case will take!