Jiah Khan’s ‘Ghajini’ Co-Star Aamir Khan Offers Condolences to Her Family


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MUMBAI: Understandably, Bollywood has been shocked and stricken with grief over Jiah Khan’s suicide on Monday night. Since then, a stream of visitors has poured into her building, to console her family members.

Aamir Khan, who worked with Jiah in ‘Ghajini’ way back in 2008, was one of the first to arrive to offer his condolences to the family. He was accompanied by his wife Kiran Rao, and was seen driving into her apartment complex in the wee hours of the night.

Mahesh Bhatt and yesteryear villain Raza Murad were also spotted at the deceased star’s home yesterday afternoon, offering their words of comfort to her inconsolable family and friends. Her mother was reportedly still in shock, and was unable to come to terms with the loss of her bright young daughter, who had her entire future cruelly snatched away.

Mahesh Bhatt spoke to the reporters present, and said: “This is an extremely painful time for us; 25-year-old Jiah committed suicide. As a member of the film fraternity and personally knowing her, I just want to make her mother comfortable and let her know that she is not alone in this painful time.”

Also spotted arriving at various times during the day were TV actress Urvashi Dholakia and other Bollywood celebrities.