Sonali Bendre Calls Justin Bieber Concert ‘WASTE OF TIME’, Gets Trolled


Justin Bieber and his concert is making news and have taken the internet by storm since yesterday and the media is ensuring all of it gets enough coverage.

While many celebrities attended the Justin Bieber concert and most of them showed disappointments about the concert, many took twitter to voice their opinions and of course, mixed feelings were expressed.But this one Bollywood actress was royally trolled on twitter and the tweets will shock you. The actress is Sonali Bendre who started receiving retweets immediately after she expressed her dissatisfaction with the gig’s arrangements.

Expressing her dissatisfaction with the arrangements, she tweeted

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We wonder why she’d even want to compare herself with him.

Some tried to dig into her past.

Because he knew nothing else about her.

Unfortunately, he is completely unaware of the fact that success doesn’t come with age, it comes with hardwork.


Twitter always has postives and negative so amidst all this, there were some who agreed with her.

Because Arijit is the best!

Disturbed by the harshness of the internet, she posted another tweet

As we all know, Twitter always has something to say. Why is it so that a person cannot even voice opinion openly today? How many people will have become the victims of trolling in today’s age? Will there be a change? When will this stop? Or will it even stop?
Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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