Kamal Haasan Brings 3D Audio Technology To India

Kamal Haasan in 'Vishwaroop'
Kamal Haasan in 'Vishwaroop'
Kamal Haasan in ‘Vishwaroop’

It’s time to take the Indian film-viewing experience to the next level. And who better qualified for the job than Kamal Haasan?

The release of his new purported opus Vishwaroop has been postponed to facilitate the revolutionary Auro 3D sound format into the film. An arduous task, since it also involves the conversion of each individual theatre’s sound system by a complicated technology that adds a new dimension to sound in cinema as we know and hear it.

So far only one other film Gerorge Lucas’s latest Red Tails has made use of the Auro 3D technique.

The American technocrat Wilfried Van Baelen who pioneered the Auro 3D technology flew down to Chennai earlier this month to supervise Kamal Haasan’s plans.

Says Kamal Haasan, “Yes, we’re converting Vishwaroop to Auro 3D. Wilfried Van Baelen was here to help us get the format right. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. When sound was converted from mono to stereophonic, we were like, ‘Wow this really changes the sound of cinema!’ Then came Dolby sound. And now we have Auro 3D which so far has been tried in only one film anywhere else, and that’s George Lucas’ Red Tail. I am glad we’re second to Lucas.”

So far Kamal Haasan has convinced approximately 20 theatres in Chennai to convert to Auro 3D sound. “We’re trying to get at least 20-25 theatres in Mumbai to embrace the new sound technology. Auro 3D is the future of cinematic sound. It further bridges the gap between the screen and the audience. I needed a 3D effect in sound because my film has a lot of overhead fighter planes and other sound-driven visuals.”

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