Kangana Ranaut Confesses Her Feelings Towards Virat Kohli



Kangana Ranaut who recently bagged the Best Actor (Female) award at Filmfare awards, is fond of Anushka Sharma’s alleged boyfriend Virat Kohli. No, it’s no rumour or made up B-town gossip. Bollywood Queen Kangana said it herself in a recent event. The actress revealed her fondness for the cricketer. Kangana openly expressed her likeness for Anushka Sharma’s alleged lover Virat Kohli. We wonder if this means war!

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Kangana Ranaut attended an event few days back, where the gorgeous actress was asked who her favourite cricketer is and without hesitating or taking a pause, she rapidly replied, “I like Anushka’s Boyfriend”. With “Anushka’s boyfriend”, Kangana meant Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. We don’t know yet where all of this is heading and we surely want to see Anushka’s reaction to this. But we are sure, all was said in a good faith and Anushka must have taken Kangana’s statement in a good spirit. After all, the two are good friends.

Lately, a lot of B-towners have been showering Kangana Ranaut with compliments after they watched her film ‘Queen’ and became her fans. First Deepika Padukone, then Sonam Kapoor, recently Shraddha Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor also joined the list.

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