Kangana Ranaut Just Took A Dig Again At Her Legal War With Hrithik Roshan!

Kangana Ranaut HrithikROshan[tps_footer]It wasn’t pleasant enough to witness the biggest and bogus legal war of notices happening between two superstars of B-Town, Hrithik Roshan, and Kangana Ranaut. But, now we feel this senseless issue will come to an end. We hope it comes with a ‘happy ending’ and it looks like Kangana is already over it. We spotted Kangana at the Young India National Summit. It was time for a question-answer session between Kangana and her audience. So, the host ended up asking Kangana who she wants to take a question from? Kangana made a hilarious comment saying that she has a knack for choosing the wrong people so the host can pick one for her.


It doesn’t end here, the best part was the answer that Kangana Ranaut gave when her fan in the audience asked, how to propose to her and she said,

“If a person wants to propose to me, that’s good. At least, they won’t be sending me notices anymore, so that’s good (laughs). If someone wants to propose to me, they should bring me flowers with a Ghalib ki poetry.”


That’s hilarious ! But it also shows Kangana Ranaut’s confidence and belief in herself is unbreakable. And, now that she has shown guts to take a dig at Hrithik Roshan and his enthusiastic legal team for slamming notices, do we see one more notice coming to Kangana from Hrithik ? Or will this mess just end with a smile and sarcasm ?[/tps_footer]