Kangana Ranaut As An Unwanted Child, Father Speaks Up!

Kangana-Ranaut-Father[tps_footer]It’s sad to know that even after advancing so much, our country has a lot of people who are still narrow minded and look at females as inferior compared to males. There are many incidents that are reported on a day to day basis about all the torture and harassment that the females of our own country and in other countries face.


Friends, it’s not a particular country that is bad or nasty, but the thinking of the people staying in it, should be targeted, instead of blaming the country. It’s not that India is backward, a big NO !! We are going ahead but we can’t deny there are many people who live in 20th century but they still don’t have an advanced and open mind set, in fact if you know their thoughts on various issues you will be shocked to know that there are people who don’t mind treating a female as a money making or baby making machine, some people consider giving birth to a girl child as inauspicious, tons of restrictions and less or no importance given to a female child. Annoyingly disturbing !!

Even the Queen Kangana Ranaut has faced these issues back in her native, Himachal Pradesh, her father Amardeep Ranaut, who stays in Himachal Pradesh, opened up about his daughter Kangana‘s latest statement claiming that she was the unwanted child, : “When she was born, that time the atmosphere in our village about a girl child was very backward. It was not like a celebration, but it was more like a funeral.” Her father also added, “The villagers used to come to our house and say, ‘Oh, now a daughter again’. So, there was no celebration, nor did we distribute sweets. We were hoping that since we had lost our son, another son would come back,”


It’s heart breaking to know these negative thoughts towards females and we wonder when a male child takes birth, his parents and family don’t have to spend on his education, clothes, food and so much more, so why a female child is considered as a burden ?? Whether it’s a girl or a boy, no child on this earth takes birth with a credit card or with crores of properties papers in his or her hands. We all come empty handed in this world and we also bid a goodbye to this world in the same way. So, where does this discrimination starts from and when will it end ??

We feel the success of females in every field gives the answer to all those people who always have bad, mean and negative things to say about a girl child. It takes a man and a woman to bring a child into this world but mind it, it’s the female who bares the burden of labor for nine months and then give birth to a male child or a female child and then spends her life giving the best to her child, husband and family. And today’s females handle both, work and family very efficiently. Hats Off to all the ladies who have set an example for other females to stand up in their lives and be successful in every way.

Our dear females of this planet, keep rocking the world with your outstanding contribution in every field, in every way !!![/tps_footer]