Kapil Sharma’s Fight With Sunil Grover Has Cost Him Rs 107 Crore?


Everyday there are new revelations in the Kapil Sharma-Sunil Grover controversy.

The ugly spat between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover still remains the same.There were reports doing rounds that Sunil Grover, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar have boycotted the show. None of these three turned up for the shoot.
Even Bollywood celebrities are not really willing to turn up for the episodes. The makers have now decided to pull plugs on the show if the matter is not resolved.
Kapil Sharma’s contract ends in April and we would be paid Rs 107 crore for a renewal. Despite the show doing well, the makers might have to take an important decision. Since the three important characters Sunil Grover, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar have quit the show, they would definitely lose out on TRP’s.
So does this mean it is the end of the Kapil Sharma show? Kapil, you need to wake up and do something!