Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain Actress Shilpa Shinde Has Made These Allegations On Sanjay Kohli In Her FIR!


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain TV actress Shilpa Shinde talked about the issue with Sanjay Kohli, in a press conference.

Shilpa Shinde, the actress of TV show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain, has filed an FIR against Sanjay Kohli, the producer of the show. She has claimed that she has been se*ually harassed by the man during the shoot of the show. She has even claimed that the producer has threatened to throw her out of the show when she was working for him.

The TV actress filed a complaint on Friday, 25th March that Sanjay Kohli tried to touch her inappropriately when he was taking a picture with her. Shilpa, in a press conference called by her on Saturday, says that, “In our industry everything is taken lightly. Guys say so many things and if you react to them, they go like – ‘we are kidding’. Things like – ‘You are looking, hot sexy’ – are common. Sanjay ji used to come on the set and while Benaifer would take care of all the paper work, he would be the one who would talk like this to us.”

Sharing the incident with the media, she said, “Sanjay ji told me that for the promotion of show, we will have to go out and that we will have a nice time. Also, in the make-up room, he came close to me and photo lete huye apna haath rakha mujhpe…I could feel that touch was not right.”

The actress, on adding further about her co-star Saumya Tandon’s reaction on this, told us that she ignored the matter and said, “Humari industry mei koi rape nahi karta.”

When asked upon by the media about why not reporting it earlier, the actress replied, “That time, the way they portrayed everything and played games, I could not understand and believe that this could happen. Other artists in the show were also not talking to me. I thought that they (the producers) will apologise and it will sort out in 2-3 days. I also told some people, but they asked me what proof do I have.”

Sanjay’s wife Benaifer, defending her husband, commented on the matter saying, “These are obviously false allegations. All I can say is that the matter is subjudice. I have faith in the legal system. I don’t want to give her (Shilpa) unnecessary attention.” The production team had the same opinion on the matter as Benaifer. They also said that they will see Shilpa in court.

Shilpa has already been sued by the producers earlier when she had left the show. They have claimed an amount of Rs. 12.5 crore as a compensation for the loss that their show had due to Shilpa leaving the show.