Karan Johar On His Relationship With Shah Rukh Khan And His Family!


We all are aware that Shah Rukh Khan‘s son AbRam Khan, since his birth, has been grabbing the eyeballs of everyone. Karan Johar is always very fond of Shah Rukh‘s kids Aryan, Suhana and AbRam.

In his autobiography, An Unsuitable Boy, reveals how the little boy grabs the attention of everyone wherever he goes. Karan Johar in his book quoted, “I have that the maternal and paternal feeling – I feel it for Gauri and SRK‘s kids. I go to Gauri‘s house now to play with AbRam. Even if Gauri is not there, I go and sit with him. And he comes and spends time with my mum all the time. My mum loves him. He is like a toy that you want to own. He came to the office the other day and the entire staff came out to see him. Everyone was behaving as if Brad Pitt had arrived. He was delighted with all the attention,”

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Karan Johar is Shah Rukh and his wife Gauri Khan‘s BFF and is very fond of them. ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ is just one of the platforms where Karan has vent his heart out, and his confessions about life are inspiring.

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