SHOCKING! Disney India To Let Go Of 90 Employees Even After Dangal’s Success


Even after breaking box-office records and becoming the highest-grossing Bollywood film of all time the co-producer of the Bollywood hit Dangal, Walt Disney Pictures India hasn’t gained much from the film’s success.

As of now Dangal‘s (net) domestic box-office collection stands at around Rs 350 crore. But according to reports, Aamir Khan walked away with the major share of profits. Disney has decided to lay off 90 members from its staff in India. It was a surprise since last year Disney had produced successful ventures like The Jungle Book, Captain America: Civil War and Baaghi.

A senior executive of Disney, who had quit last year in October, revealed to the tabloid, “It wasn’t a balanced arrangement as Disney was given a raw deal by each producer, each time. It wasn’t difficult to deduce that the business policy in place was falling.”

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There was a real lack of foresight in those heading the Indian company. The dissection of what went wrong has been underway since the American company first announced its exit from the Indian market. The last few months have been rough for people there and the ill-timed demonetization added fuel to it. By March, the Indian businesses need to massively shrink as the company is looking at restructuring everything. The good thing is Disney has always been a happy workplace.”

In our heads, we thought we were invincible, but we were living in a false bubble. In a way, the parent company did what they had to. We had great bosses who were bad businessman,” the executive further added.

That’s sad!

Disney India To Layoff 90 Employees

Even Afer Dangal‘s Success, Disney India Gives 90 Employees Pink Slips

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