Karan Johar’s Biopic In The Making? Guess Who Will Play His Best Friend!


Guess Who? Karan Johar Wants Alia Bhatt To Play His Best Friend’s Role In His Biopic!

Karan Johar recently stated that he wants Alia Bhatt to play his best friend’s role in his biopic if ever made.

It’s quite evident that Alia Bhatt is always the first choice for Karan Johar and why not? Alia is undoubtedly giving back to back stupendous performances and is climbing success ladder with every film. Also, Karan Johar has been like a father figure for Alia Bhatt and has always guided her in the path of her career.

The actress recently won “Outstanding Talent Of The Year” award at Hello! Hall of Fame Awards. Nothing could make the award more special as it was awarded by Karan Johar himself. According to a leading tabloid, an emotional Karan said, “She is my second daughter and third child.”

To this Alia gave a funny reply that she would play Karan’s mom Hiroo Johar if ever biopic is made on the filmmaker. Karan instantly reacted saying that she is not Sindhi and also said that instead, Alia should play his bestie Twinkle Khanna in his biopic.

So what do you think? Can Alia Bhatt step into Twinkle Khanna’s shoes for Karan Johar’s biopic if ever made? Well, we think so! Also, we wonder if Kajol, who he always called his best friend before their friendship went kaput, will be a part of the biopic or no. If ever made, Karan’s biopic is surely going to garner lots of attention.