Kareena Kapoor Is Unaware About Mangalyan!

04-1407141378-kareena-kapoorKareena Kapoor has been called the gossip queen by everyone in the industry. She loves to talk about people and doesn’t ave nay qualms about it.

But when you are a well-read Nawab’s Begum, certain things become obvious for you like current affairs and the fact that Mars isn’t a distant planet anymore for India. But Kareena is oblivious of anything called Mangalyan.

At a recent event, when Kareena was asked to comment on Mangalyan achievement, the actress was completely clueless. She reacted with a resounding ‘What?!’ that left everyone in amazement.

An incident that made everyone so proud about their nation after probably many decades hasn’t even registered with Kareena. How is that even possible?

Someone next to her explained her everything, and she quickly added that it makes her really proud.

Then she suddenly quiped that she owul like to go to space once too but when asked if Saif will tag along, she said he is already in space.

Well, now we don’t really know what she meant by that but we sure she might have immediately googled about the Mangalyan and ISRO the moment she reached home. Nobody wants to be an Alia Bhatt.

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