Kartik Aaryan: My Parents Always Said That This Industry Is A Biggest Gamble


Kartik Aaryan, the lead actor of upcoming film ‘Guest Iin London’, made his acting debut with Pyaar Ka Punchnama and since then, has come a long way in his career. He is a perfect example of the term – ‘rising to fame overnight’!  With his every film, the handsome hunk has put extra effort to get the much-needed recognition. With his charming personality and drool worthy looks, Kartik Aryan in an exclusive interview with us shares about his journey from Gwalior to Mumbai, about his upcoming film Guest Iin London, on doing Pyaar Ka Punchnama 3 and much more.

On his Jodi with Paresh Rawal being compared to the Akshay Kumar-Paresh Rawal’s onscreen chemistry.

I’m loving the kind of response the trailer has got. The moment trailer was released everybody was just talking about the concept, content and the performances, and that is something we as actors crave for. I am really happy with the response and I think on my personal level, my and Pareshji’s Jodi reminded people about Pareshji and Akshay Kumar’s Jodi…And these all things are quite humbling for me, especially coming from reviewers and critics. I am very happy that people are looking at us like Pareshji and Akshay’s Jodi. It’s a great compliment for a person who is a big fan of them. I have no words to express, it just feels good.

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The trailer sees a series of misadventures one after the other and your lives upside down. Have you ever encountered irritating guests at your own house?

A lot of times. I mean all those situations that were shown in the film’s trailer, some of them have happened in my real life. The trimmer situation in the trailer has happened with me personally. My uncle had used my trimmer for his off-shoulder that was really disgusting for me. So things like those have happened with me in my childhood. There have been guests who have always been here and there talking about my life, what and how I should behave rather, how I should be in front of others…I think there are such guests with whom you have always been like yeh unwanted log hai, yeh nahi chahiye hume.. This situation comes in everyone’s life. There are lots of such things that we have brought out through this film and I think it’s relatable to another level

You have been doing light hearted movies until now, are you looking forward to doing hard-hitting roles say in the genres of maybe thrillers, historical dramas or something similar? 

Yes, of course! But right now I am content with what I am doing. I am happy with the kind of films and scripts I am reading now. I am not the kind of actor who would just for the heck of doing a film would change my image. I am happy the way audience is treating me and they are loving the kind of films I am doing. I want to carry on this image that my die-hard fans are liking. I love making people laugh and more than that, I love making people cry. I like to play the character that is emotionally very strong. Director and casting directors think that I fit best most in comedy roles. But I am happy with the kind of response I get for doing comedy, which is the most difficult to do. I love doing this kind of cinema. I like Raju Hirani’s films, and commercial films as well. I am not thinking of any image breaker at this time but if tomorrow I get a thriller film, I will do it but not just for the sake of breaking my image.

Is Pyaar Ka Punchnama 3 in the making? Are you a part of it?

Punchanam 3 will happen for sure…right now I am already doing another film with the same director of Punchanam, Luv Ranjan. I have already completed 50% of the shoot. So it’s up to him whether to decide when he is going to start Punchnama 3 because as of now, I have no clue when they are starting it or writing the script. Right now am already working with same Punchnama film’s team itself and that film will compete first then we will go into Punchanam 3. It’s is not decided yet if I would be a part of it.

You don’t have a godfather in Bollywood, still, you managed to make it big in the industry. How your journey has been so far?

I am very grateful for all these things everyday.. I can now live on my own in Mumbai..I have settled on my own here….I am always grateful to Godthat such situations have come in my life. I had struggled for three years, it was a bad situation. I always remember my bad situations and pray to Godfor having what I have now. Even when I go to read some scripts, I feel happy that someone is calling me to offer a film. My parents always said that this industry is a biggest gamble and every Friday your fortune is read. So you never know what would happen next Friday. I always want to be the way I have always been. I have come till here on my own, so there is nothing to lose. I will always be in profit.

Guest Iin London, which also stars Paresh Rawal, Tanvi Azmi and Kriti Kharbanda, is slated to release in cinemas on Thursday 6th July 2017.

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