Katrina Kaif Celebrating Womanhood By Encouraging All the Women In This World


Katrina-KAif[tps_footer]Katrina Kaif, she is an inspiration herself. Katrina is not just a flawless beauty but also a very hardworking girl and a big time achiever. Just by being a superstar’s girlfriend doesn’t give you a success in life. Does it ?? All of us have to work hard to run our homes and make our lives worth living. Believe it or not even stars feel the same ! At least the ones who have not lost their touch of reality, also feel for others and show compassion.


Katrina Kaif attended Loreal Paris Women Of Worth Awards 2016, and she was asked to share the names of female achievers who inspire her. It didn’t take too long for Katrina to answer this question and she named tennis player Serena Williams, American technology executive Sheryl Sandberg and Former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi inspire her and when she was asked why she has picked these names particularly ?? She said, “I find them inspirational because they left a mark in a field that has been primarily dominated by men.” So true, a lot of people never thought that women cricket team can also exist, why not ??? Cricket is loved by females too and it’s not just a game only for boys. Gender Discrimination in sports too. Pathetic !! People had doubts if women can make a mark in the field of Science and Technology and many more myths are broken down by today’s women. Finally, female achiever are awarded for their unnoticed contribution in the society and in every field.

Katrina who is usually cold with media was pretty comfortable this time and she had the feeling of compassion in her for every female. She surprised us with her sensitive thinking and concerned towards women in general and not just a particular cast, country or religion. She shared her feelings as a woman with the media without any inhibitions. She said, “As women, we can go through moments of feeling insecurities, of feeling uncertainties, of feeling not knowing what our place are or what we want to do in our lives. But we should always know that we are enough. However, we are and whatever we are, that is enough. We should believe in ourselves and never forget to try and help others. Helping others is usually the last thing on everyone’s mind, but one should help those who are in need.”


Katrina also expressed her opinions about the importance of education and how it can help all of us have a better understanding and better lives. She said, “You are as powerful as what you know. Education will change gender bias. It is the way forward. It will change people’s mindsets. I think the biggest change we can bring is through education. Knowledge is where we get our power from.”

Claps !! After a long time, in fact we feel, for the first time Katrina Kaif has been so interactive and so frank about her opinions and she carefully chose names and words to share with the media. We wish you, Katrina, a lot of success and happiness and we wish the same for every women on this planet. Live your life the way you always wanted to and not according to some crazy unreal standards set by society or someone else. After all, You are the captain of your own ship !!![/tps_footer]