Katrina Kaif: Sonam Has Style Consistently And Consecutively While Some Of Us Don’t


Katrina-Sonam-jknacBeing a well known celebrity surely has its pros, just as it has its cons. In a recent event, Sonam Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were asked if they wear make-up all the time even when camera isn’t rolling since being a celebrity means they have a responsibility to represent themselves every time to which Sonam replied, “When you are a celebrity, yes it is your responsibility to represent yourself properly when you go out publicly. But when you are at home or some place where you don’t require to be in make-up, then we don’t wear it.”

While Sonam said that she looks good all the time, Katrina giggled and pulled journalist’s leg by asking him if he meant to say that actresses looked ugly without make-up. Returning back to the main topic, Katrina revealed that in fact Sonam does look good all the time, where as she in her real life looks like she is about to go to bed.

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“I think the main different between me and Sonam is when Sonam is in front of the camera or in an event or in her own personal life, if you just see her in a restaurant, she always looks like she just stepped off a red carpet or she could just go on to a red carpet. If you see me at an event like this, I may look like I belong there and if you see me in my own life, I look like I’m going to bed. So basically one has style consistently and consecutively and some of us don’t all the time.” Katrina said.

This answer took Sonam back in time and reminded of a very funny incident that took place between the two actresses. Sonam recalled the incident and shared it with everyone. Apparently, Sonam went to a restaurant where Katrina was having lunch with her mother. This was some fancy restaurant and Katrina was in her normal plain t-shirt and jeans and flip flops with her hair tied up and no make up at all. Katrina looked at Sonam, who wore Christian Dior‘s skirt and crop top, in awe and surprise and asked, “Wow! Did you just come from an event?” to which Sonam replied, “No, no, I was at home”. This urged Katrina to ask Sonam how long did it take her to get ready? The Dolly Ki Dolli actress replied five minutes, Katrina said, I took five minutes as well and everyone burst out in laughter.