Katrina Kaif’s Charitable Endeavour Comes To An End!



MUMBAI: Katrina Kaif’s collaboration with an orphanage in Madurai along with her mother Susanna Turcotte might come to an end after an association of 18 months.

There have been a couple of reasons behind this split. One of them was privacy issues. A source from the orphanage said, “We did not like the fact that pictures and information about our children, which needs to be protected at all costs, was being splashed in the media, especially on the Internet. We had shared that information with Susanna.”

A source close to Susanna said, “Katrina and Susanna were a bit surprised when the orphanage expressed their displeasure over media coverage because Susanna had earlier organised a media tour with their consent.”

Moreover, Katrina Kaif’s mother had apparently bought a piece of land near the orphanage with the intention to start a school for children and a dispensary for pregnant women.

Meanwhile, Susanna Turcotte cleared her side of the story, “Our association with the orphanage was always a time and goal oriented one. We had a set of things to accomplish for them, including making much required renovations and supplies and to improve the hygiene standard of the nursery as well as to set up a preschool for the toddlers and young children at home. As we accomplished those goals, we turned our attention to working in nearby rural villages to focus on improving the status of women as well as providing educational opportunities for disadvantaged children. We are now building an integrated rural development centre to further these goals.”

While Katrina Kaif sorts out her charitable ventures, she will be appearing on the silver screen in ‘Dhoom 3’ on 20 December, 2013.