Katrina Kaif’s Reaction On Salman Khan Calling Her ‘Majdoor’!

[tps_footer]Post Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s break-up, Salman Khan’s recent bonding with former girlfriend Katrina Kaif has grabbed all the eyeballs. As earlier we reported how Salman Khan was in all praise for Katrina Kaif at a recent event held in Gondia.


Salman Khan who was asked about Katrina Kaif giving him all the credits for her success, responded saying, “Did Katrina say that? This is her ‘badapan’, but she is telling a lie. Whatever she is she is because of Katrina Kaif itself. Katrina is very hard working …in my whole life I have not seen such a hard working girl ever… she is India’s big star for you all, but according to me she is ‘hamaal’ (coolie), ek majdoor hai …that many efforts she actually takes…you people should learn from her.”  

Well, where Salman Khan is not stopping from praising his former girlfriend, here Katrina Kaif’s reaction on the same. At Fitoor promotional event, Katrina was asked on Salman Khan calling her much like a ‘majdoor’. To which, at first she gave a shocking expression and then responded saying, “I think if my co-star is fine and feel I am a good worker, a hard worker..that’s good. Because as you know there is so much riding on the film…everyone puts, hard work, money…the most you can do is give your best…work with your full heart and then leave it up to God.”


Well, without taking Salman Khan’s name even for once, Katrina Kaif smartly replied to it![/tps_footer]