Kick: Salman Khan’s Dialogue Now On T-Shirts!

kick dialogue 4[tps_footer]Kick has become the current flavor among the audiences. Every Salman Khan film has a dialogue that gets famous. This time one particular dialogue of Salman Khan’s Kick is, “Dil mein aata hoon samajh mein nahi” has become so popular that fashion street in Mumbai was spooted selling T-shirts with the dialogue printed on it.

The dialogue, which is also a part of the trailer of the film, that got the highest number of views, has caught on in a big way.
The line is personally very close to Salman’s personality and explains him the best.

Salman Khan himself liked the dialogue so much, that he gifted a wrist watch to Rajat Arora who is the dialogue writer of the film.

The T-shirts are made with interesting designs, fonts and colours and were put up on the display of some shops.

Not just put up there, also was spotted some fans of the star Khan buy the Tshirts from there, and wear it with a huge smile.

The dialogue not only got whistles and claps from the audiences on the launch of the trailer, but a lot of fans also put the dialogue up on their social networking accounts.[/tps_footer]

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