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5 Dialogues From Salman Khan’s Sultan That Will Pump You Up!

Yes just from the trailer the dialogues of 'Sultan' have really become popular.

Birthday Special: Salman Khan’s Famous And Hit Dialogues

On this special day, why not go back and recall all the amazing dialogues that Salman Khan have delivered in his movies so far?

Hrithik Roshan- Katrina’s Bang Bang Dialogue Promos Create a Massive Impact​

The dialogue promos of Bang Bang have created a huge impact on the audiences at large.

Bollywood Dialogues We Use In Our Life

India is a dialogue loving nation. A Bollywood film without a good one liner loses punch for the audience and thus the numbers reflect sad results.

Best Patriotic Dialogues Of Bollywood

On the 68th year independence Day, here are some of the Bollywood dialogues that sparks the feeling of belongingness towards our country.

Kick: Salman Khan’s Dialogue Now On T-Shirts!

Kick has become the current flavor among the audiences. Every Salman Khan film has a dialogue that gets famous.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Great Dialogue: Best Dialogues 2013

Hindi films are known for their song and dance routines, and also sometimes for their killer dialogues. It is the dialogues that make or break a film.