Kill Dil Kills It On Digital


Poster-Kill-DilKill Dil, the much awaited movie of the year starring Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra, Ali Zafar and Govinda has broken new ground on digital.

Using the hashtag #WillKillFor, the individual character posters kicked in showcasing one unique trait of each one of them and tapped into their extensive fan base to connect with audiences.

The website took this to the next level with a live twitter feed showcasing the number of tweets received and the top contenders. Fans felt active with every word they wrote, every hashtag they used.

Within a span of 5 days, #WillKillFor saw 35 thousand plus tweets reaching over 3 million users and clocking around 50 thousand visits a day on the website. But why stop at live tweet integration on websites… YRF took it further to the next level and embedded these tweets into the film’s promotional banners.

The digital media lead campaign for the teaser launch had individual character banners with Live Twitter feeds integrated within the banner itself along with the hashtag #WillKillFor showcasing each character’s look.

This unique and interesting digital innovation allowed users to directly engage with the twitter feed thus leading to greater interaction and engagement with the film communication. Mr. Anand Gurnani, Vice President, Digital – Yash Raj Films says, “Each film has its unique language and given that digital is a one-on-one medium, there is not scope, but a mandate to innovate at Yash Raj Films.

Given the theme of the film, our Creative Team cracked a campaign ‘#WillKillFor’ and chose to follow our fans instead of leading them to the material from the film. This made the film trend and gave a great head-start to the communication that is designed to follow.”

Reiterating the point, Mr. Alnoor Merchant, Director – Epigram Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. that handles the digital media buy campaigns for YRF says, “The idea here was to innovate and enhance the user engagement with the core film creative and communication, hence we came up ideated and developed a live Twitter feed banner where users could engage and interact directly within the banner space on a real-time basis. With this campaign, we have pushed the envelope and created a new benchmark.”

Ms. Pooja Jain, Business Head – Thought Pot Media added, “Simple effortless engagement was the thought behind the launch of the first creative feel of Kill Dil. The idea here was to merge different digital platforms and make it easier for the people to interact with the movie while maximizing reach. This campaign has just begun and we will see many such innovations with not only ideas, but usage of mediums/platforms as well.” With anticipation and curiosity on an all-time high, the Kill Dil teaser campaign has broken new grounds and sure has a lot more in store for the audience. Kill Dil will explode across cinema screens on 14th November ’14.

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