Suyyash Rai HITS BACK At Haters For Trolling Kishwer Merchant With Offensive Comments!

The love birds Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchant are all set to tie the knot on December 16 and are already flaunting the love they share on social media. While living the most happiest moments of their life now, there seems to be something that has disturbed them.


A few haters trolled Kishwer for marrying an 8 years younger Suyyash Rai.


After reading the comments, the Knight in shining Armour, Suyyash Rai thought of not being mum about it and being open about what he thought over those disturbing comments.

He gave a mind blowing reply to all the haters. Suyyash Rai wrote:


” ‪I was just reading few comments on easy it is now days for the kids on 15-16 years to write ANYTHING about ANYONE…on these social networking websites and specially when some1 is getting married…HOW CAN YOU ??? I feel bad for their parents and families…this is how they’ve been brought up.‪ If you can’t write good don’t…but at least don’t write bad… HAVE A HEART FOR GOD SAKE…even enemies would give blessings in such occasions, you all are still strangers. But I guess thats how they think they will look cool. God bless all. And all my SUKISHIANS. I love the enthusiasm and energy in yu guys about #SukishKiShaadi …that is what keeps us going.


The couple who are in love since 6 years have finally thought to tie the knot and be there for each other making promises to love each other.

Suyyash Rai has definitely given us some relationship goals and proven it is important to have a protective partner.

We wish they stay the same forever.