Kriti Kharbanda: I’m Glad So Early In My Career I Have Been Able To Do Something Different


Actress Kriti Kharbanda, who made a stellar debut with Vikram Bhatt’s successful franchise, Raaz Reboot, is surely going the right way in her career. The versatile actress will be seen playing a Gujarati character in Ashwini Dhir’s upcoming family entertainer Guest Iin London alongside Kartik Aaryan and veteran actors Paresh Rawal and Tanvi Azmi.

In an exclusive interview with Business Of, Kriti Kharbanda speaks about her journey so far in Bollywood, working with Paresh Rawal and much more.

The trailer ensures that the audience is in for more fun with you both in the lead cast. What do you have to say about the kind of reaction you have been receiving be it for your chemistry or comedy timing?

We had a really fun trailer and it brings up the expectations of the film. We actually enjoyed the shooting and while shooting when you have the right kind of vibe that you share with the entire team, I think that translates onscreen. That’s what exactly has happened in the trailer. It doesn’t look forced, it looks natural. I also feel the two characters Anaya and Aryan are very believable in the film and so are the guests. So a lot of people will be able to relate to us. The idea is to target people who are of our age because we genuinely don’t know how to handle our guests. Our generations are very different from them. This is what we want to bring across through the film. It’s a very young, fun film…its exciting in places, emotional in places, it’s comical in places…I guess it’s one of those films that has an entire package. It’s a film that you can’t go wrong with. Of course, we have big stars who have got big slapstick comedy films because that’s necessary and that is something that audience genuinely enjoy watching. 

The trailer sees a series of misadventures one after the other and your lives upside down. Have you ever encountered irritating guests at your own house?

As a child, I used to love guests as you get yummy food when relatives come. They also offer you money as a pocket money but now if I have to be in any such situation, I would tell them to take your 500 back and please leave. I don’t mind people with whom I am close coming and staying with me but there are some people who are extremely annoying to live with. I love my guests but I don’t like them.

On her experience working with Paresh Rawal? 

It was amazing working with him. He is honestly a very genuine man. The child in him is still alive and in this matter, for both Pareshji and Tanvi ma’am (Tanvi Azmi). They taught us never the child in you die because that’s what helps out onscreen. He is a superb actor…one second he is himself and the next second you say action, he is in the character. It is quite commendable that how he does that and there’s a lot to learn from them even as a people. They are very humble, chilled out. They have really embraced me and Kartik with open arms. During our first meeting itself, they broke the ice. We didn’t have to take any effort. That’s their genuine want to connect with people.

You don’t have a godfather in Bollywood, still, you managed to make it big in the industry. How your journey has been so far from doing a horror film Raaz: Reboot and then immediately doing a comedy film?

It took a sudden 180-degree turn because I went from a genre that scares people to a genre that makes people laugh and if you do it wrong then the opposite thing can happen. It was a very interesting change of pace also because it was very sudden. Just a week after Raaz released, I signed Guest Iin London. It was a sudden change but that was something I really welcomed. Both genres are very very difficult. I feel horror is difficult in a physical way while comedy is difficult on the brain because you have to make conscious effort to not laugh yourself, and making people laugh is very difficult. Not everyone has a great sense of humour and not everyone can understand that kind of humour. I am glad that so early in my career, I have been able to do something different. Again the film I am going to do next is a very challenging role of a girl from UP. I am actually enjoying the fact that I am doing challenging and this kind of roles. It makes my work more fun.

Guest Iin London, which also stars Paresh Rawal, Tanvi Azmi and Kartik Aaryan, is slated to release in cinemas on Thursday 6th July 2017.