WATCH: Veena Malik INSULTS India And PM Narendra Modi In Her News Report


Veena Malik, after becoming a news anchor, insults India by calling it an evil nation!

The Pakistani actress Veena Malik has gained a lot of name and fame and we think that the actress owes it to India. After all, it was the fourth season of the TV reality show Bigg Boss which brought her into the limelight. Her relationship with actor Ashmit Patel gained her a lot of media attention.

Not only that, Indian film industry gave her the opportunity to work in a number of films and songs. And now the same actress has turned against India. Veena, after becoming a news anchor of a Pakistani news channel, is spitting ugly words not only for India but also for the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

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While reporting about Modi’s meet with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Veena crossed all her limits. Calling India and Israel as evil nations, she went on calling Modi as a snakelet.

Veena Malik has always been a controversy queen. Whether it is her days inside the Bigg Boss house or her acting days in Indian industry, she has always invited flak due to her work. The actress has even had posed n*de for a magazine, which had made a big controversy!

She was away from the limelight after getting married to Asad Bhashir Khan. But now that she is back on screen, she is showing her true colours. It is very shocking to see that she is speaking against the country which gave her fame, name and money!

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