Kuch Kuch Locha Hai Between Sunny Leone And Ram Kapoor


Sunny-leone-Ram-KapoorKuch Kuch Locha Hai is the new title for director Devang Dholakia’s next. Previously titled Patel Rap, the film has already generated a lot of buzz due to it’s curious casting. After all, what possibly could a film featuring the sizzling Sunny Leone and the lovable Ram Kapoor paired opposite each other be about?

Says Devang,” My film is a spicy comedy. The situations and the jokes are bound to have the audiences in splits and it is our belief that no one will have seen Ram Kapoor and Sunny Leone in the avatars that they are going to be seen in in the film before. It’s too early to reveal the storyline of the film but we all know that the audiences will have as much fun watching it as we are having shooting it. “ And why the title change? Quips Devang, “We couldn’t have found a more apt title than Kuch Kuch Locha Hai. The film, it’s essence, its flavors are enunciated through the title without giving away too much about the film and trust me, our film is full of the most hilarious Locha’s!”

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Kuch Kuch Locha Hai is touted as being Sunny Leone’s first full blown comic caper. Says Sunny, “ I am elated to be working with Devang again and am really excited about working with the super funny Ram Kapoor. Devang and I have a very special relationship, not just as friends but he is like my family! The whole team and I always have a great time shooting and I know that with Ram added to our already crazy mix, shooting for this film will be a blast. Ram is a revelation to work with. Not only are we laughing and joking around but Ram also shares valuable tips important for a film like ours and I consider myself lucky to be working with such an experienced actor.”

Added Ram, When Devang narrated the film to me, I was falling of the seat laughing it was literally that funny, but what I also realized was that it was extremely relatable and I love taking up subjects that people can relate to. Devang himself has a fantastic sense of humor so it was pretty much a no brainer saying yes to doing this film. What I didn’t know then and what has turned out to be the icing on the cake is that Sunny too has a great sense of humor and she’s amazing to work with. We’ve just about started shooting and so far it’s been an absolute blast!”

The film has already started shoot in the exotic locales of Malaysia where it will be wrapped up in a start to finish schedule. It is being presented by Alumbra Entertainment and Media Pvt Ltd and is being produced by Magic Pictures and Entertainment Pvt Ltd and Maximus Multimedia Pvt Ltd.

“ Said producer Mukesh Purohit Of Magic Pictures and Entertainment,” Kuch Kuch Locha Hai is an exciting film. From the casting to the locations to the music, it has all come together very well. Ram as a rich Gujrati businessman and Sunny as a famous film star and the situations they find themselves in lead to innumerable funny moments. Our direct, Devang Dholakia who himself is a Gujrati has bought alive the quirks and nuances of a typical dysfunctional family flawlessly and peppered it with his own unique brand of humor. Even though we are in the midst of shooting right now, we are already counting down the days to the release of the film. After all, laughter is most effective when it is shared!”

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