Kunal Julka Wants To Spread Fitness Awareness Through Calisthenics

Kunal Julka

Kunal Julka is quite a fitness enthusiast and wants to make sure he remains fit and fine with time. He has been religiously working out for years and last year, he derived interest in Calisthenics. However, to be best in this form of workout wasn’t a cakewalk for Kunal. He had no mentor or guidance to teach him how to get it right during the initial days.

Kunal, who is 35 thought it might be impossible for him to excel this workout but with true dedication and practice, he excelled it. What seemed challenging for him first, slowly became a fun activity.

Calisthenics is not a common form of exercise people here are aware of. Kunal Julka wants to make sure that he can help people know about it and even teach them to become more flexible and healthy.

He believes that if people can do pushups, pullups, dips and squats, they can also learn how to do Calisthenics. According to Kunal, learning Calisthenics not only requires dedication, determination and discipline but also a lot of patience.

On his Instagram page, Kunal Julka shares pictures and videos of doing Calisthenics which motivates his followers to be a part of it. A lot of people have taken his help to learn the exercise and Kunal wants more and more people to love this as much as they love other form of workouts.

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